UF Online Ready: A new readiness program for future Gators

The University of Florida is proud to offer the #3 online bachelor’s program in the country, UF Online. As we rise in national recognition, we remain firmly committed to removing barriers so that future Gators may enroll via UF Online and earn their UF degree. Available starting with applicants for Fall 2021, UF Online Ready is a new program that supports highly qualified upper-division applicants to UF Online who are simply missing some pre-requisite coursework.

Life happens. We know that future Gators often are soaring academically but when they go to apply to transfer their studies to UF Online, they find they are simply missing some required courses. Previously, those applicants have been denied admissions into UF Online and advised to reapply after taking the required pre-requisites at another institution. Yet, we also know that sometimes finding and taking those courses elsewhere can be daunting while a student may also be working full-time, serving our nation in the armed forces, raising a family, caring for adult dependents, and/or supporting those in need through service projects and community involvement in their local area.

With the launch of UF Online Ready, the University of Florida is recognizing that sometimes the highest qualified applicants are leading busy lives, full of other responsibilities. Through UF Online Ready, UF will now offer qualified applicants the opportunity to take those missing pre-requisite courses right here in UF Online, thereby lowering the burden on applicants and increasing access to Florida’s flagship university for top students.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does UF Online Ready launch?

Right now! UF Online Ready launches in 2021 and is available for students starting in the Fall 2021 semester. Applicants who apply by May 1 will be the first cohort considered for UF Online Ready. UF intends for this program to continue as an ongoing readiness option for highly qualified transfer applicants in future terms. Application deadlines can be found here.

When I am admitted into UF Online Ready, am I considered a UF Online student or am I considered something separate?

You are a Gator from day one! All UF Online students are on their own paths to earn their UF degree. The UF Online Ready student is simply on a readiness path to additional coursework. UF Online students are a diverse, brilliant bunch! All students receive the same great coursework, are assigned a personal academic advisor, and benefit from the same lower tuition and fee rates as UF Online students.

Can I apply directly to UF Online Ready?

No, an offer for UF Online Ready will come to you if you qualify. Applicants are referred to the UF Online Ready program following a holistic review of their UF Online completed application, including applicant transcripts, by the UF Online admissions team. Applicants who qualify for UF Online Ready may be extended an invitation for enrollment in this readiness program by their UF Admissions official if they are highly qualified but simply missing pre-requisite courses.

How do I know if I am admitted to UF Online Ready?

We will tell you! Your admissions letter will let you know if you have been referred to UF Online Ready. That letter will also list which courses the applicant is required to complete while in UF Online Ready and what grades or overall GPA they would need to earn to transition into degree requirements in a subsequent semester.

Which degree programs might consider me for a UF Online Ready offer?

Highly qualified applicants to the following degree programs will be considered for UF Online Ready. Applicants should review UF Online Ready details for each of the nine majors that currently are welcoming UF Online Ready candidates, by visiting that program’s page.

  1. Advertising: Persuasive Messaging
  2. Business Administration, B.A.
  3. Business Administration, B.S.
  4. Health Education
  5. Journalism: Sports & Media
  6. Public Relations
  7. Sport Management
  8. Telecommunication: Media & Society
  9. Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management
If I get a UF Online Ready offer, am I forced to take it or can I opt to take my missing prerequisites somewhere else?

Fear not, no one is forced into UF Online Ready! After you get your admissions letter and it invites you into UF Online Ready, applicants can still opt to take their required pre-requisites elsewhere. You would simply need to reapply to UF Online after those courses are completed. Our goal with UF Online Ready is to save you those extra hurdles. UF Online Ready is your most efficient next step to gain admissions to UF Online since upon completion of your missing pre-requisites you are automatically transitioned into your major courses and you need not reapply.

As a UF Online Ready student, do I have access to the same resources and services as other UF Online students?

Yes! UF Online Ready students can attend UF Online events, and have access to all other resources and services available to UF’s fully-online student population.

My employer has agreed to pay for my UF Online courses, will they cover UF Online Ready?

When you’re admitted to UF Online Ready, you are a UF Online student, taking UF Online classes. You simply have conditions that must be met before you transition to additional courses. UF Online and Guild Education welcome students into UF Online Ready as part of their employer education benefits but limits may apply. For students enrolled through a Guild Education partner, we encourage you to work closely with your Guild coach.

Once I accept the UF Online Ready offer, how do I register?

Your academic advisor will help you register for courses. Students in UF Online Ready may only take their missing pre-requisite course(s), and will be enrolled by their academic advisor after an initial advising appointment.

Once my pre-requisites are done, how do I register for other classes?

Once your missing pre-requisites are complete and you have satisfied all conditions of the UF Online Ready program as written in your admissions letter, students will have the opportunity to enroll themselves (in consultation with their academic advisor) in all of their future UF Online courses for the remainder of their program.

If I decline the UF Online Ready offer, can I re-enroll the following term?

Decisions are made on a semester-by-semester basis. Your UF Online Ready offer is valid for the term in which it is received, and is not guaranteed for subsequent terms. For questions, please contact your Enrollment Counselor.