UF Online Ready: A new readiness program for future Gators

The University of Florida is proud to offer the #2 online bachelor’s program in the country, UF Online. As we rise in national recognition, we remain committed to removing barriers so that future Gators may enroll via UF Online and earn their UF degree. UF Online Ready is a new program that supports highly qualified upper division applicants by giving them the opportunity to take specific prerequisite courses right here in UF Online.

In the past, upper division applicants who were missing prerequisite courses were denied admission to UF Online and advised to reapply after completing all prerequisite courses for their major at another institution. Yet, we also know that sometimes finding and taking those courses elsewhere can be daunting while a student may also be working full-time, serving our nation in the armed forces, raising a family, caring for adult dependents, and/or supporting those in need through service projects and community involvement in their local area.

UF Online removes obstacles so you can break through. With the launch of UF Online Ready, the University of Florida is recognizing that our applicants are leading busy lives, full of other responsibilities. Through UF Online Ready, UF will now offer qualified applicants the opportunity to take missing prerequisite courses right here in UF Online, thereby lowering the burden on applicants and increasing access to Florida’s flagship university for top-performing students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to UF Online Ready?

Prospective students should apply to UF Online using our standard admissions application. All upper division transfer applicants are automatically reviewed for UF Online Ready and a secondary application is not required.

Once admitted to UF Online Ready, am I considered a UF Online student?

Yes, you are a degree-seeking Gator from day one! UF Online attracts students with diverse academic backgrounds, each on their own path to earning a UF degree. Students in the UF Online Ready Program are simply completing missing prerequisite courses before starting upper-division coursework. All students in UF Online receive the same great coursework, are assigned a dedicated academic advisor, and benefit from the same reduced tuition and fee rates for UF Online.

How do I know if I am admitted to UF Online Ready?

We will tell you! Your admissions letter will indicate if you have been selected for UF Online Ready. The prerequisites that you are missing will be listed in your notification of admissions.

Which UF Online majors participate in UF Online Ready?

Upper division applicants will be considered for UF Online Ready in the majors listed below. Applicants should review UF Online Ready details by visiting the degree program pages below:

  1. Advertising: Persuasive Messaging
  2. Business Administration, B.A.
  3. Business Administration, B.S.
  4. Environmental Management
  5. Health Education
  6. Journalism: Sports & Media
  7. Media Production, Management, and Technology
  8. Public Relations
  9. Sport Management
  10. Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management
If I receive a UF Online Ready offer, am I required accept the offer or can I opt to complete my missing prerequisites somewhere else?

No, you are not required to accept a UF Online Ready offer. If you would prefer to take your missing prerequisite course(s) at another institution, this option remains available. You would simply need to reapply to UF Online once all of your missing prerequisites are complete. The goal of UF Online Ready is to save students the extra hurdle of attending another institution to complete these courses. If you accept the UF Online Ready offer, no additional application is needed in the future. Once you satisfactorily complete your missing prerequisite(s), you will seamlessly transition into UF Online.

As a UF Online Ready student, do I have access to the same resources and services as other UF Online students?

Yes! UF Online Ready students will have access to all of the same resources and services available to UF’s fully-online student population. UF Online Ready students can attend UF Online events and are also eligible for the UF Online Optional Fee Package.

My employer has agreed to pay for my UF Online courses, will they cover UF Online Ready?

When you are admitted to UF Online Ready, you are a degree-seeking online Gator taking UF Online classes. UF Online Ready simply states which courses must be completed first.

How do I accept my offer to UF Online Ready?

Let us know whether you are coming (or not) on your application status page. Log in using your MyAdmissions credentials. Important: UF Online Ready students will not receive a registration appointment unless they confirm enrollment. Confirm your enrollment here.

Once I accept my offer to UF Online Ready, what should I expect?

UF Online Ready students will complete the same pre-enrollment steps that all new UF Online students complete: attend online orientation, apply for a Gator1 ID card, and meet with an academic advisor. Information on each of these steps will be emailed to you as we approach the start of the semester.

How do UF Online Ready students register for courses?

Students in UF Online Ready will work with their UF Academic Advisor on their course registration. Your advisor will register you in the appropriate courses while you are in the UF Online Ready program.

If I decline the UF Online Ready offer now, may I defer my admission to a future term?

No, you cannot defer your offer to a future semester. The UF Online Ready Program has limited capacity and offers are term-specific. If you decline now, please know that future admission is not guaranteed. You will need to reapply and your application will be reviewed as part of a new applicant pool.

Whom can I contact if I have additional questions?

For general questions not addressed in these FAQs, please contact the Student Enrollment Specialist at (352) 294-7885 or by email.