Optional Fee Package

As part of our continued commitment to provide an excellent student experience, the University of Florida offers an optional fee package that provides UF Online students access to additional student services when in the Gainesville area.

Designed with the undergraduate online student in mind, the UF Online Optional Fee Package is now available. All UF Online students, including Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE) students in UF Online, are able to opt into this optional fee package for the same price as their on campus peers.

“UF Online students are mobile and they are seeking new ways to connect and collaborate as part of our UF learning community,” says Evangeline Cummings, Assistant Provost and Director of UF Online. “This optional fee package is just one of several new initiatives we have launched to enhance our online student experience and provide more avenues for engagement and connection.”

Students can enroll in the new fee package at the beginning of any semester and may begin accessing services, such as signing up for season football tickets, soon after. Enrollment is available to students at any time, however they do need to opt in prior to the end of Drop/Add for the term for which they want to start receiving services. They can also opt out at any time.

“Participation in this fee package is entirely optional, as we are sensitive to any additional costs for our online students,” says Cummings. “We also appreciate that many of our online students will likely remain at a distance and will not seek out this optional fee package for local services. However for those students that reside in or frequent the Gainesville area, this optional fee package simply provides an avenue to access a broader range of services. ”

UF Online Optional Fee Package – Fact Sheet

What is it?

The UF Online Optional Fee Package is designed to give UF Online students (including PaCE students) who choose to reside in or frequently visit Gainesville access to on campus student services. The optional fee package consists of the following fees and services:

  • Activity and Service – Participation in recreational sports and intramurals, access to recreation and fitness facilities, and participation in programs like Gator Nights
  • Health Services – Access to the Student Health Care Center and Counseling and Wellness Center
  • University Athletics – Access to student sections and discounted pricing for athletic events (based on ticket availability)
  • Transportation – Fare-free service on the Regional Transit System (RTS)

For full details and list of services, please visit the FAQ on the UF Online website.

How much will it cost?

The optional fee package is billed on a per credit hour basis and is the same cost on-campus students pay as part of their cost of attendance. The cost may vary each academic year. For the 2020-2021 year the cost is $46.21 per credit hour.

Can students use financial aid to pay for it?

While a student’s financial aid budget will not be increased to cover it as this is an optional cost, students can use their financial aid to pay for the optional fee package. More details can be found on the FAQ.

Is a student required to sign up for UF Online Optional Fee Package?

This optional fee package is completely optional and has no impact on the current services and access a UF Online student currently has. It will not help nor hinder their ability to succeed academically. They can still access the services offered in this fee package; however the cost structure is different. Visit the FAQ for more details.

If you have questions about the UF Online Optional Fee Package, please contact our Dean of Students Office at newstudentinfo@dso.ufl.edu or 352-392-8396.