Frequently Asked Questions

From day one, you are a University of Florida Gator. Your diploma and transcript will be indistinguishable from the diploma and transcript that students who complete all courses residentially receive.
Check out Degrees page for a full list of undergradate degrees currently available through UF Online.

Yes, you are eligible to apply for a double major or dual degree as long as the second major is offered in UF Online (exception: Nursing students are not eligible to do dual degrees). Prospective student do not specify this during the admissions process, rather this is discussed with their academic advisor. At the time, they need to complete the appropriate form to designate the double major or dual degree. They will need to satisfy tracking requirements for both majors and be able to complete all of the coursework in a reasonable number of hours and terms. More information about double majors and dual degrees can be found here:

There is no difference in content and rigor between UF Online courses and other courses offered by the University of Florida. In many cases, courses will be exactly the same with a special online section designated for online students of the University of Florida.
Yes. As with all UF residential students, full-time online students will have an eight semester academic plan. That said, part-time online students will follow an academic plan that runs longer than eight semesters.
No. The goal of UF Online is to deliver courses exclusively online. This means that UF is not offering any “blended” programs except in those cases where a clinical or lab course is required.
UF Online courses are only offered to admitted, degree-seeking college students. High school students who wish to pursue dual credit for online college credit courses should refer to the University of Florida Online Dual Enrollment program.
There are general computer requirements applicable to every major. Some colleges and programs have their own requirements as well. Review the requirements here.

To find out about other distance and online programs and courses at UF, visit the following links:

UF Online admits students to the Spring, Summer, and Fall terms. Please be sure to follow the application deadlines for your term of interest.
You can fill out a simple form or call 1-855-994-2867 to get in touch with an enrollment coach, who will help you get started with registering and the enrollment process.
For current tuition rates and fees for both Florida and out-of-state residents, go to the Tuition & Financial Aid page.
Yes. Online students are eligible for consideration for a wide range of federal, state and institutional aid as administered by the Office for Student Financial Affairs (SFA), which also administers a limited number of privately funded scholarships. These include grants, scholarships, student employment, loans and non-SFA administered aid. Descriptions of financial aid options are on the Tuition & Financial Aid page. For more in-depth information as well as how to apply, go to the Student Financial Affairs website.
What services, programs and activities can an online student at the University of Florida access?
Most current services, programs, and activities are accessible to online students through websites or other modes of communication such as email. In addition, the University of Florida is creating programs designed specifically for online students to build community and to offer professional development opportunities. Take a look at the Resources page for more information on these programs.
Will online students have opportunities to participate in club, extracurricular, or leadership activities?
Online students can participate in extracurricular and leadership activities that are unique to the UF Online experience.
Can Online Students Apply for Campus Housing?
UF Online students are not eligible to apply for on-campus housing in the dormitories.
Can online students access UF libraries?
Yes. Online students have full access to all library services just like any other UF student. The Services for Distance Learning and UF Online page outlines how distance students can access and use library services and materials. Online students in the Gainesville area can use the libraries and check out materials in person.
Can Online Students Access UF Counseling & Wellness Services?
Many free resources are available to online students through the UF Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC). To gain full access of CWC services UF Online students may purchase the Optional Fee Package.
Since UF Online students do not pay the Activity and Services fees, they do not have automatic access to the Rec Centers. However currently enrolled UF Online students can purchase a non-fee paying student membership each semester in order to use the on-campus Rec Centers and participate in intramural sports. Students outside of the Gainesville area may also want to check out the Recreational Sports video channel, which includes “Trainer Time” and other fitness training videos.
Will online students get to participate in Career Showcase and use the Career Connections Center?
Yes. Online students can choose to attend Career Showcase events on campus. No matter where you are located while completing courses online, the Career Connections Center (C3) has a variety of virtual services available, including resume review and career planning. Additionally, C3 has a dedicated space within the UF Online Plaza to directly communicate with our students. The UF Career Connections Center is routinely ranked in the top five university career centers nationally.
If online students are in Gainesville, FL, can they access on-campus resources?
UF Online students are offered an optional fee package that provides access to several on-campus amenities, including athletics, campus dining, recreation, and health services. All students are always welcomed on campus and they are encouraged to also participate in non-fee supported activities and events.
Can UF Online students purchase meal plans on campus?
Yes, the same meal plans available to all students are available to UF Online students. Off-campus students may be particularly interested in the Commuter Meal Plans. Read more about the meal plans.