Do more than just expand your knowledge – expand the body of knowledge for everyone when working with world-renowned faculty at UF Online.

As one of the nation’s most forward-thinking research institutions, UF Online has a two-pronged approach to research. First, we offer research opportunities that enhance your academic experience and impact the world around us. Second, we also focus research on how to advance online learning so that our courses and offerings are at the forefront in education, all while enhancing student outcomes.

Curriculum-Based Research

As a Research I institution, research is in our DNA and part of many courses offered in our online programs. For example, students in our Media Production, Management, and Technology major have the choice of completing a senior project or undergraduate research. Collaborating with faculty in the College of Journalism and Communications, students have conducted research on:

  • How the television landscape has changed with the current trend of people cutting the cord and getting rid of cable and traditional sources and turning to streaming content services
  • Local government use of social media to interact with the public, and developing a plan on how the government can improve its social media presence
  • Potential effects of social media on the fashion industry

Intellectual curiosity is not only encouraged at UF Online, it is an integral part of the curriculum.

Individual Research Projects

You don’t have to wait around for a research project in a course to make a real contribution. As a Gator, you can dive into your future now. There are a variety of ways to get involved with research:

  • Develop your own research project and partner with a faculty member who has the same area of interest.
  • Join one of your faculty members on projects already in progress.
  • Find a project through the Center for Undergraduate Research project database.

If the project or research topic that interests you is not available at UF, you can work with your advisor and/or faculty to take advantage of opportunities at other institutions. UF Online Geology Major Lauren Huffman Kahre found an intensive research program studying volcanoes. The program was through the University of Alaska but took place in Hawaii. Kahre ended up spending several weeks in Hawaii hiking an active volcano every day to study and survey lava flows for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

#GatorsOnline have the unique advantage to participate in research projects anywhere in the world, while still pursuing a full course load.

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