Whether you are looking to go full-time or part-time, are transferring your studies or are a first time in college student, UF Online is looking for ambitious individuals who want a flexible college experience without compromising quality -- that is our common denominator.

Customize Your Experience

As you look to distinguish yourself in your career or academic pursuits, UF Online offers you a variety of ways for you to stand out. You can:

    Choose from 25 Majors

  • Want to make your mark in the corporate world? Then choose a degree in business administration or public relations. Have an interest in health and wellness? Then major in Health Education and Behavior or take a more scientific approach by majoring in Biology or Microbiology. Determine your passion and we will help you find your pursuit.
  • Specialize Further with One of 17 Minors

  • Take your passion to a new level of specialization by adding a minor to your studies. Pairing a business major with a mass communications minor will help you be a more articulate leader. A microbiology major with a business minor can give you a leg up as a bio tech leader. Adding a minor can give you a unique skill set to stand out in the workforce.
  • Prepare for Next Level

  • You can design a course of study that will prepare you for a career jump or a leap into further academic studies. Participate in an internship to get more hands-on experience for your career path. Seek out research opportunities in coursework or individually with faculty to build your academic skills for graduate studies.

UF Online provides the options. You decide your goals and you set the course.

Go at Your Pace, on Your Time

Now that you have customized your path according to your goals, you determine the pace in how you move forward:

    Decide Your Course Load

  • Take a light load of 3-6 credits or a full load of 15-18 credits. You decide what works for your schedule and your goals. You can work full-time or part-time while earning your degree. You can be a full time student as well. You can also take one semester off, if you need a break, with no penalty.
  • Study on Your Time

  • The majority of your courses in UF Online are asynchronous, meaning you watch the lectures and do your assignments at times that are convenient for you. At the beginning of each semester, your professor provides you with a detailed syllabus with all your tests, assignment due dates and recommended reading schedules. Then you plug these deadlines into your schedule so you can do them on your time.
  • Academic Co-Pilot

  • Setting your goals is often the easy part, but charting the detailed path on how to get there can be daunting. UF Online provides you a co-pilot for your educational journey – an academic advisor. Your advisor will help you chart your course and stay on track.

UF Online puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the pace of your academic pursuits.

OneStop Service

One phone call is all it takes to register for classes, determine your financial aid eligibility or take care of tuition payments. UF Online has streamlined these services into one convenient department – UF Online OneStop.

The OneStop team of professionals is available by phone or email to answer your questions. They even host extended hours Monday through Thursday to ensure they are available to meet your needs when you are enrolled or preparing to enroll in UF Online.

Many Paths -- One UF
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