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The mission of UF Online is to enable our students to lead and influence the next generation and beyond for economic, cultural and societal benefit by delivering a comprehensive offering of high-quality, fully online baccalaureate degree programs at an affordable cost.
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Launched January 2014 in accordance with Chapter 2013-27, Laws of Florida, requiring establishment of the Preeminent State Research University “UF Online” to offer “high quality, fully online baccalaureate degree programs at an affordable cost” to students who are either first time in college or transfer, in-state or out of state students.

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UF Online

Evangeline J. Tsibris Cummings
Assistant Provost and Director
Florencia Otegui
Special Assistant and Chief of Staff
Nadav Katz
Nadav Katz
Assistant Director, Finance
Nico Rose
Associate Director, Operations
Mark Masson
Mark Masson
Assistant Director,
Data & Analytics
Mark Masson
Ray Opoku
Data Management Analyst II

Enrollment Services

Melissa Emmett
Melissa Allen
Director, UF Online Enrollment Services
Briana Vargas-Gonzalez
Briana Vargas-Gonzalez
Assistant Director, UF Online Recruitment & Outreach Center
Daniel Schieltz
Daniel Schieltz
Associate Director, UF Online OneStop Center

Student Success & Engagement

Emma Brady
Assistant Director, Academic Programs
LaKendra Cook
Student Affairs
Program Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

Sheila Flatz
Sheila Flatz
Assistant Director, Operations
Damarys Hernandez
Damarys Hernandez
Communications Manager
Jenna Salerno
Jenna Salerno
Marketing Manager
Jamie Brauckmuller
Jamie Brauckmuller
Marketing and Communications Specialist