Congratulations on your PaCE offer, #UF24!

You’ve been admitted into one of the most unique hybrid undergraduate experiences in the country.

We’re here to help you find answers to any questions you may have. Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE) is a highly-selective and flexible pathway that allows students to choose to complete your degree fully online from anywhere or transition to campus. This is all part of the University of Florida’s commitment to expansive access to an elite education via remarkable, digital pathways! The videos and resources below will help you get started on your journey.


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President of the University of Florida

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Associate Director Academic Advising & Student Affairs

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PaCE Resources

Start here: What is PaCE?

PaCE is a unique program where students earn their UF bachelor’s in a hybrid format: start online, finish on campus. PaCE students get to experience UF Online and the UF residential program. During the first segment of PaCE, students have maximum flexibility to take UF classes online from wherever they need to be. Later they transition to campus to complete their UF degree.

UF is proud of this program that both expands access to the freshman class, while supporting Gators with UF academic programs via UF Online, providing these Gators with great freedom of movement and more affordable tuition and fees.

Visit the UF Office of Admissions Frequently Asked Questions to learn more and find out if PaCE is right for you.

Learn more about UF Online

UF Online Gators are Gators from day one. Online students enjoy the flexibiliy, lower tuition and fees, dedicated academic advisors, their own virtual campus community forum (the UF Online Plaza), all while learning directly from the prestigious UF faculty that also teach on our Gainesville campus.

UF Online is also ranked No. 4 in the country for online undergraduate programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Welcome, Gator!

  • Read about what UF Online offers you -- the Gators Online Advantage.
  • Wonder what it’s like to be an online student at UF? Listen to our students themselves on our YouTube channel.
  • Read the stories of former PaCE students who went on to graduate.
  • Check out the Student Handbook for more on UF Online policies.
  • Florida Bright Futures and Florida pre-paid can be used by PaCE students for tuition and fees. Check out the Student Financial Affairs website for more information.
  • Have a question about UF Online?
    • Ask us! Connect with the UF Online team at

    • Join us at an upcoming #UF24 PaCE chat that will be hosted this year by UF Online on March 10th at 5pm EST and March 19th at 12pm EST. Check the #UF24 PaCE Virtual Chats page for more details.

    • Your courses will be in Canvas. Learn more about UF’s learning management system here.

    • Curious about our online offerings? Check out the list of UF Online courses to see what types of courses UF offers its fully online students.

    Connect with your college based on your PaCE major

    Explore UF College welcome pages for applicants admitted into the PaCE program.

    Not sure which major you put on your application? Review the UF PaCE majors. Each PaCE student is admitted into a specific PaCE major from one of UF’s colleges.

    Still need help? Send an email to

  • Next, connect with your UF college as a newly admitted PaCE #UF24!
    • Find your college advisors here and reach out.
    Am I required to move to Gainesville?

    One of the largest benefits of PaCE is the mobility and flexibility available with online learning. Students may choose to stay home for part or all of their PaCE experience, or explore other living arrangements. However, those students interested in a robust campus experience can move to Gainesville and participate in a variety of student activities and programs by opting into the Optional Fee Package.

    Optional Fee Package Webinars

    • Wednesday, April 29, 12pm-1pm
    • Wednesday, May 20, 6pm-7pm

    *** Please note: You will be invited by email to attend these webinars.

    By opting into this package, PaCE students have all of the same access to resources and activities as residential students. The UF Off Campus Life office is available to assist with PaCE student needs.


    This includes gyms, intramurals, and club sports. Also includes the use of the Southwest Recreation Center, Student Recreation & Fitness Center, Lake Wauburg and dozens of campus pools, courts and recreation fields.

    *** Please note: some recreational programs have additional fees and/or participation is determined by formal tryouts. To learn more, visit:

    Gainesville Bus Service Your Gator1 card is used for the RTS bus service to ride free of charge.
    Gator Dining Services
    Find out more about meal plans, menus, location hours, and more.
    Student Health Care Center

    Make appointments, receive care, and access your forms and records.

    More information

    Student Tickets

    For football, men’s basketball, and other athletic events

    More information

    Chat with Us for more information
    • Join us at an upcoming #UF24 PaCE chat that will be hosted this year by UF Online on March 10th at 5pm EST and March 19th at 12pm EST. Check the #UF24 PaCE Virtual Chats page for more details.

    • Can’t make a chat? Just a reminder that UF Online is here to help address your PaCE questions. Drop us an email at We will get back to you as soon as we can. Be sure to connect with us before you come to campus.
      • Insider tip: Always have an appointment so you don’t have to wait around should you wish to visit with us or your college advisors face-to-face!
    • Students and parents are welcome to visit campus during the UF Florida Days event. This program offers multiple sessions and provides an opportunity to meet faculty, staff and current students. Invitations to this are emailed directly to students, and registration is required. These events fill up, so we encourage you to register early. Here is the schedule:
      • Monday, March 16th
      • Friday, March 20th
      • Friday, March 27th
      • Friday, April 3rd
      • Monday, April 13th
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    Ready to be a Gator? Here are your next steps

    Visit the Admissions site to find out what to do from here. Keep in mind the following important dates:

  • PaCE Preview (orientation)
  • Information Available: Soon

  • Financial Aid
  • Information Available: Early March
  • Signed PaCE Contract and $200 Tuition Deposit

  • Deadline: May 1
  • Final High School and College Transcripts
  • Deadline: July 15