We have a simple philosophy at UF Online: To become the best, you must learn from the best.

Our program stands at the forefront, providing flexible academic options with the same faculty and rigor that make us a leading university. We don’t compromise our standards because we are the standard. We demand more from our students because we demand more from ourselves as a university.

The foundation of any elite university is its faculty

At UF Online, we’re proud to tell you our foundation is strong, as we have some of the top faculty in the country. In addition to attracting over $700 million in research each year, they foster the uniquely collaborative environment that transforms potential into actual results. Other accomplishments of our faculty:

  • Two Pulitzer Prize-winning faculty members call UF home
  • UF has nearly 5,000 faculty members, the vast majority of whom have distinguished teaching and research records
  • UF has 43 faculty elections to the National Academy of Sciences Engineering, the Institute of Medicine or the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Our academic advisory formula to reach your goals
Empowerment + Connection = Success

As described previously, our academic advisors are your co-pilots for success and enhance your undergraduate experience. They are your consistent contact throughout your journey and they provide you with guidance, encouragement and tools for success. They help you stay focused on your goals and help you overcome any barriers to achievement.

Through individual academic advising and innovative educational programming, they foster a culture of proactive behavior and intentional decision-making. They encourage you to maximize your individual potential through both coursework and co-curricular opportunities. Their goal is to inspire you to engage fully in your education, develop a global awareness, and embrace your future. Learn more and meet our advisors.

Explore a UF Online Classroom

This specially-designed course demo was created to allow potential students to click through an experience very similar to a live UF Online course.

Our faculty team up with expert instructional designers at the Center for Online Innovation and Production to bring students the best possible online course experiences!

Explore Course Demo

Engaging and Interactive Courses

With world-renowned faculty leading our courses, UF Online provides a learning environment that is rich in depth and variety. More than 500 courses are offered throughout the year in UF Online and that number is growing every year. From business classes in finance and accounting, to forensic classes like skeleton keys in our anthropology program, to a fully online physics lab where you perform live and virtual experiments -- UF Online is providing interesting, rigorous and cutting edge online classes for its students. Preview some of our courses below.

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