La’Trece Bartley

She’s an alum of UF Online. She earned her bachelor’s in business administration. We sat down with La’Trece before her graduation ceremony held on campus to learn about her Gator tale. Check out her story.

Why UF Online?
I chose the University of Florida because I felt like the education would be second to none. I know UF stands for a rigorous curriculum. Of course, if you live in Florida, you know about the Gators. But UF has an awesome, awesome education. UF is known for its professors. So I thought, what better school to pursue and finish up that package of getting my bachelor’s degree than with UF?
What surprised you the most about online learning at UF?
I would say what surprised me about the online experience with UF is the online education itself. My education was not compromised at all. The online education is the same as the on-campus education, to the T. Nothing changes.
What advice do you have for future Gators considering UF Online?
A tip I have to share with the online students would be discipline. I think the balance is hard. It’s very difficult if you’re working. I also had a newborn, a 1-year-old and a husband. It was a lot. But I also found that I had to make that time. Discipline is really the key to be successful.
How did you interact with faculty?
I really liked that I could access my classes and my professors 24/7. From the beginning, a lot of the connections made with the professors are done through email and online. But I like that the professors are willing to hold office hours for you to call. You have some professors who are willing to Skype. Sometimes you just want that face-to-face interaction. The faculty wants, in a lot of ways, to show that they’re here for our success and to make sure we’re a part of the class; we’re getting the help we need.
Why choose an online bachelor’s in business administration?
My true desire is to get my law degree. And I felt like having a business degree could accent and help my law degree. My desire is to practice corporate law. I really felt like I could bring a better package having my business degree. I wanted to learn about transactions and operations and how I could bring that part to corporate. That is what sparked the interest into getting my business degree to package with the love of law.
Why is it important for you to walk at graduation?
I want my sons to be college graduates. To have them witness me walking across the stage is everything. I love my children, and I want them to know the importance of education. I feel like I set that example before them, and I’m passing the baton to let them know, if I did it, you can do it.

La’Trece is a great example of a successful UF Online experience. There are so many students just like her enrolled with us. Consider being part of the Gator Nation by applying to UF Online. Come join La’Trece. Be Greater. Be a Gator.