Andrew S.

Meet Andrew. He earned an associate degree from a Florida state college before graduating from the police academy. Without a bachelor’s degree, Andrew knew his career advancement options were limited. But he also knew he did not have time to take classes in a traditional, on-campus setting. That’s one reason why he chose UF Online. Today, he’s enrolled in the online B.A. in Criminology. This is his Gator tale. What’s yours?

Why UF Online?
I received an associate degree in criminal justice from Indian River State College before going to the police academy in 2006. Now, as an active duty law enforcement officer, I need the flexibility that a standard on-campus program cannot provide. Without a bachelor’s degree, I know my advancement opportunities are limited.
How did you know that online learning was right for you?
I’m a father of three children, and I also work full time. UF Online offers the flexibility and convenience to study on my own time. I prefer to watch lectures, contribute to discussions and complete coursework from the couch.
How do you balance work and school?
I utilize the Quizlett app to make flashcards that I can review at work and home using my iPhone/iPad. I also use the Canvas app to watch lectures on the go. (Canvas is the primary e-learning platform for UF Online.)
What advice do you have for future Gators considering UF Online?
Stay on top of discussion posts, and make sure that you’re reading your book and taking good notes. Even though you get to watch the lectures, you still have to do a lot of work because they expect a little bit more of you. Make sure you don’t procrastinate — otherwise you’ll get behind.
What makes the UF Criminal Justice program great?
The coursework is challenging. The teachers expect a lot from online students, especially when it comes to participation. My favorite class is CCJ 4934 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: Sex Offenders.
What’s the most important benefit offered by UF Online?
It’s really accommodating if you have a busier lifestyle. If you can’t go to a traditional class a few times a week, you’re able to do online classes that fit your schedule, so that’s really easy. I know a lot of people going back and forth to school to finish up, but UF Online makes it easier for you to do it on your own time.
Do you feel connected to the Gator Nation?
I’ve been able to get items from the bookstore at UF. And I’ve got a UF ID card that’s been able to help me connect a little bit more to the larger Gator Nation.

Andrew’s story is a great example of how UF Online is designed for current working professionals. There are so many students just like him enrolled with us. Consider being part of the Gator Nation by applying to UF Online. Come join Andrew. Be Greater. Be a Gator.