Krishan Badal

As the son of successful business owners, Krishan has an insider’s perspective to the world of business. He knows the real value of earning a business education. This is Krishan’s Gator tale. What will yours be?

Why UF Online?
To accommodate my work schedule, I really needed a bachelor’s program with flexibility, one that didn’t require me to be on campus. As an online student at UF, I could complete assignments whenever and wherever I needed to. I could continue to work Monday through Friday and DJ events on the weekends — all while earning my degree. Plus, I get the same great education online as I would have as a traditional student. I just have the benefit of getting it on my schedule.
Why are you getting your bachelor’s degree?
My parents own a cellphone repair store and both have a business background. My goal has always been to be my own boss, and to do that, I knew I needed to build my business knowledge, too. Whether I eventually start my own business or one day help my parents expand theirs, a bachelor’s degree is the foundation I need to succeed in either endeavor.
How have you started to apply what you’re learning in class?
Nearly everything I’m learning in class can be immediately applied to my real-life business scenarios. The most influential courses for me so far have been marketing and human resource management. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’m fascinated by the psychology behind the two disciplines. I can explore what triggers a particular audience to take action. I can test what color or logo best converts in one of my ads. I can identify what marketing message is most appropriate for my audience. The classroom knowledge I receive at UF empowers me to make the best decisions for my own business. Now, I can take everything throughout my studies, combine it with my real-world experience, and apply the results in my daily life.
What’s your next step now that you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree from UF?
With a degree in business administration and a minor in entrepreneurship from UF, I feel like my opportunities are as broad as they are limitless. I feel confident in my ability to expand my entertainment /DJ business and have plans to do exactly that over the next few months. My bachelor’s degree has given me the tools to move forward, and the fact that comes with the connections of a top school like UF just makes it 10 times better all around.
What does it mean for you to be a Gator grad?
It means that my resources are never ending — they’re just ever-expanding. As a Gator alum, I’m now a part of an extended family. I’m forever linked to my professors, my advisors and my cohort. I will always have someone to go to for advice and support.

Krishan’s story is a great example of how UF Online is designed for individuals who aspire to greatness. There are so many students just like him enrolled with us. Consider being part of the Gator Nation by applying to UF Online. Come join Krishan. Be Greater. Be a Gator.