Danielle Miles

Why UF Online?
I chose the University of Florida because it’s very prestigious. I’ve always been a Gator fan. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere but UF for my bachelor’s degree. It’s just a great school.
Why did you choose the online business administration program?
I chose a bachelor’s degree in business because it’s general enough to open a lot of doors for me, but it’s specific enough to give me some guidance and structure.
How did you balance work and school?
The online program was great because I was able to watch lectures before work or on my lunch break. If I had a busy week with my family or at work, I could take the lectures from the week and watch them over the weekend and get my homework done then. It was just very flexible and accommodating.
What surprised you the most about online learning at UF?
One of the things that surprised me about the online classes was that you’re actually watching the live lectures recorded. I had taken distance learning classes at the community college before and it was just complete self-study.
How did you interact with professors?
The professors are really great about providing all of their information and the teaching assistants’ information. They always have online office hours, where you can go in a chatroom or they’re actually physically going to be in their office and you can call them. If you’re like me and you don’t live too far away, you could always make a trip to campus. They invite the online students, if you’re in town, to come in and visit them during office hours. I’ve never had an issue getting in touch with an instructor through my whole experience in the program.
What advice do you have for future Gators considering UF Online?
Without UF’s online program, achieving my bachelor’s degree would not have been possible for me, and I really want everybody to know that this could be achievable for you as well. It’s not out of your reach. You can put in the time and the nights and the weekends. UF is willing to work with you and offer you the flexibility to do it on your own time, and I think everybody should be a Gator.
What does it mean to you to be a Gator?
What it means to me to be a Gator is pride, accomplishment and knowing that I’m an overcomer. I had obstacle after obstacle put in front of me and with my stick-to-it-ness and the support of my family and of UF and the online program, I’m a graduate. I’m a Gator. It’s really great.

Danielle’s story is a great example of how UF Online can provide the support to work toward your education goals. There are so many students just like her enrolled with us. Consider being part of the Gator Nation by applying to UF Online. Come join Danielle. Be Greater. Be a Gator.