Marcus Sutton

Marcus chose UF Online because we offer the most flexible and affordable approach to earning a top-ranked credential. This is his Gator tale. What’s yours?

Why UF Online?
I earned my associate degree from Santa Fe College. I work on the weekends. I’m also a father of two young children and a husband. So, I really value the flexibility and lower cost of UF Online.
What would someone be surprised to know about UF Online?
It’s different in its approach and methodology, but it’s the same exact material that you’re going to get in a traditional setting. I think that online learning gets a bad reputation simply because people don’t really understand it. They think, “Oh, it’s online, it’s going to say on my resume ‘online college graduate,’ and that’s not going to look good to a recruiter or to a job,” but that’s not true. It’s the same degree. It’s the same school and part of the same program as everybody else. It’s just a different approach.
How do you balance work, life and school?
One thing that has helped me a lot is listing. I make a weekly to-do list and then break that down by day, and if I actually follow that list, I end up getting ahead.
What advice do you have for future Gators considering UF Online?
Whether you have five minutes or a couple hours by yourself, just take out your notes or notecards or whatever and just read. Go over whatever you can. You just really have to stay on top of the work. It’s very easy to get behind, especially in an online setting.
What makes the online business administration program great?
The coursework is still very challenging, but the classes are also engaging. That makes the material easier to learn. Professors and advisors understand our situations as nontraditional college students, going back to school and pursuing a degree.
What kind of support do you receive as an online student?
It’s just been incredible the level of support that I get with the online experience. Kari Ward (online advisor) is really great with contacting me directly every semester to see how I’m doing. She asks about my graduation plans and answers any questions.
What is the online learning experience like with other students?
I interact with other students via chat and discussions. It just makes me feel more involved, and kind of makes me feel like I am part of a traditional class experience.
What is the interaction like with faculty in an online classroom?
The professors are available after class or after you’re done taking their class. I appreciate that they keep in touch with their former students. I’ve built relationships with my professors and still call on a few of them for advice.
What’s the most important benefit offered by UF Online?
It’s extremely flexible. I can tailor my needs to my class schedule, my personal schedule and my work schedule, so I just really love that.
Do you feel connected to the Gator Nation?
As a student, there are definitely opportunities to get involved. I get emails all the time about events and social opportunities and clubs. I think UF does a great job communicating the opportunities for students.

Marcus’ story is a great example of how to make the most of the UF Online experience. There are so many students just like him enrolled with us. Consider being part of the Gator Nation by applying to UF Online. Come join Marcus. Be Greater. Be a Gator.