Laura Andrews

She already had the skills prior to enrolling. Now, she has the credentials. She earned her bachelor’s in sport management and gained the knowledge and respect that will open doors for her in the future. In fact, her job offers started rolling in just after she finished her internship.

Why UF Online?
I’m a full-time working mother and I was researching online programs. When I came across the sports management program delivered by the University of Florida, I stopped looking after that. Everybody knows UF. I knew having a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida would mean something. I selected UF because of its tradition and how well-respected it is. The fact that it had a sport management program is a double bonus, of course.
How did you know the online learning experience was right for you?
I could “go” to school at night after I worked all day and after the kids were in bed. I could be working on school on the weekends. The online experience didn’t feel limited. I was able to go to school and still maintain my normal daily life.
What did you like the most about online learning?
You can get a degree from a major university and live miles away. You can still be a graduate of a university that’s not in your backyard.
Why a sport management degree?
It’s always been my passion. I started a youth triathlon team. I’ve helped organized other sports events. When I realized that UF Online offered sports management, I felt like it was a perfect fit.
What can you do with a sport management degree?
The sports management degree has already opened doors for me. Through my internship, I already landed a job as director of sales and marketing at a major hotel where I live. I’ve also had offers from the local raceway.
How would you describe your level of interaction with the instructors?
There’s a connectedness in the online program that I felt in all the classes. The professors really made it feel like you were just as important as a student on campus. You felt that all of the professors wanted you to succeed and were truly preparing you to be a professional when you left the program.
How did you balance work, family and school?
I have a great support system at home. My husband and family have provided great support. But I also felt like I had great support from my professors — and my advisor was top-notch. I felt like even if I needed extra support that the University of Florida — my advisors and teachers — were always there to lift me up and encourage me. I never felt like I had a lack of support through the process.
What advice do you have for future Gators considering UF Online?
I want to let other working moms know that they can do this. That when you truly look back at the time, there might be moments when you feel like you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But when it’s done, it truly is just a blip of time, a blink of the eye and you’re done.

Laura’s story is a great example of turning your passion into your profession. Graduates from UF Online build more than knowledge; they also build their confidence and their career potential. There are so many students just like Laura enrolled with us. Consider being part of the Gator Nation by applying to UF Online. Come join Laura. Be Greater. Be a Gator.