UF Online’s RN to BSN Program Adds Fall Enrollment

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To meet increased demand, UF Online is adding a fall start date for the RN to BSN program. Once exclusively available for spring admission, prospective nursing students now have the option to apply for the fall semester for the first time. In partnership with the College of Nursing, UF Online aims to increase access and opportunities for students by doubling the program’s enrollment capacity.

The University of Florida Online is proud to partner with the UF College of Nursing to add more enrollment opportunities for Gator nurses. Online pathways can be a lifeline for busy working adults eager to upskill across a lifetime, and expanding our capacity to meet the vital workforce needs of Florida is core to our mission.Evangeline Tsibris Cummings
Senior Assistant Provost and Director of UF Online

To combat the nursing shortage driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Florida is providing funding to the state’s top-ranked nursing program at the University of Florida. After estimating that the state will need an additional 60,000 nurses in the next 15 years, Florida lawmakers have devoted $125 million to nursing education. This annual funding, known as “Prepping Institutions, Programs, Employers and Learners through Incentives for Nursing Education” (PIPELINE), aims to ease the demand for degree-holding nurses and nurse practitioners.

As the preeminent nursing institution in the state, we are proud to champion the advancement of nursing education. With the PIPELINE funding, we will not only increase the supply of front-line BSN-prepared nurses but also grow our graduate student body, which will contribute to the nursing faculty pipeline and further address the current nursing shortage. Anna McDaniel, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN
UF College of Nursing Dean and the Linda Harman Aiken Chair

Through increased online program capacity, the University of Florida is actively addressing the current nursing shortage in both the State of Florida and nationwide. This move will increase the number of working nurses who can advance their career in their desired specialty by earning a UF degree in nursing online. In addition to UF Online’s additional start date, the University of Florida has announced plans to recruit 20 new faculty members, increase enrollment at UF Health Jacksonville’s Accelerated BSN program by 50% in 2023, and increase Gainesville’s nursing program by 15% in 2023.

Offered through the UF College of Nursing, the flexible and affordable RN to BSN online program is designed to make it possible for working nurses to balance work and courses. This degree prepares nurses for various career paths and specializations, including ICU, hospice, surgical, pediatric, school, home, and obstetric nursing. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the B.S. in Nursing degree page to learn more.

UF Online graduates Erin and David Franklin decided to pursue their nursing degrees together as a married couple with three children. Graduating in August of 2022, they are now Gator Nurses advancing their careers in their desired specialties. You can read Erin and David’s full student story to hear more about their personal journey through UF Online’s nursing program.

I heard good things about UF in general for the nursing program. I believed it was a little more manageable being completely online and I felt like this was the best program. I would recommend doing UF Online. Erin Franklin
UF Online Graduate, B.S. Nursing


The number of RNs earning their BSN degree continues to grow, and now is the time to advance your career with this credential. The RN to BSN program from the UF College of Nursing offered via UF Online now accepts new applicants every fall and spring semester. This fully-online program will help prepare you for leadership opportunities and career advancement in the nursing field. To learn more about UF Online’s nursing program, visit the degree page or attend an upcoming virtual information session.