OneStop Team

Our UF OneStop Team is here to help you with the processes of registering and paying for classes and with navigating many of the other complex administrative processes that you might encounter on the path to your degree from the University of Florida. Current UF Online students can reach out to the UF Online OneStop Student Support team for assistance.

One Stop Team

Daniel Schieltz
Associate Director

Student Services

Alescia Brown
Student Services Manager
Steven Bottom
OneStop Coordinator II
Megan Frank
OneStop Coordinator I
Stacey Bigge
Student Enrollment Specialist

Admissions Processing

Ryan Perez
Admissions Manager
Emily Spilios
Admissions Officer II
Cari Caudill
Admissions Officer II
Tiffany Silva
Admissions Officer I

Transfer Evaluation & Readmission Processing

Mary Caputo
Transfer Evaluation & Readmissions Manager
Evan Wilder
Admissions Officer II
Layne Weitzel
Admissions Officer I