UF Online Student Serves in Florida National Guard While Pursuing Business Degree

UF Online Student Djynno Jean - Business Administration Major

At 21, United States Army veteran Djynno Jean serves in the Florida Army National Guard and is about to receive his business degree. After he was stationed in Crestview, Florida, Djynno decided to use his military education benefits toward a bachelor’s degree. He was looking for a flexible and accessible online degree program that would support him during his service. Djynno started his degree journey with UF Online in Fall 2022 and plans to graduate in Fall 2024.

“Being a part of the Gator Nation is in some way like being part of the military,” Djynno said. “It’s being a part of something bigger than yourself. It has that reputation and history, so I take that with pride.”

Deciding on a program to meet his needs

From an early age, Djynno wanted to earn his bachelor’s degree. His military service provided a clear route for realizing his educational goals. “I always had my priorities straight. I’m the oldest of five, so I had to forge that path for myself, but it’s always been a goal of mine to at least get my bachelor’s and then once that time comes, reassess if I want to go further or maybe take a break for a while,” Djynno said. “I always wanted it.”

While stationed in Florida, Djynno decided to attend a Florida institution, prompting him to research the best fit for his undergraduate degree. UF Online appealed to him not only for the preeminent education provided but the #1 ranking for veterans utilizing their benefits. “UF itself has quite the reputation, so that was part of the reason that I chose to go through them specifically,” he explained. “After I did my research, I discovered UF Online is one of the best programs out there. One of the biggest things for me is flexibility, so being fully online gives me the autonomy to manage my time, log in regularly when I’m able to, and get work done at my own pace. That’s why I chose the online route.”

“Being active duty, it had to be online, and I started to really appreciate that aspect of it,” Djynno said. “After long days coming back from work, I’m able to just log in.”

Djynno initially wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy but soon realized that the UF Online business administration major was the right path for him. “As time went on, I started to slowly figure out what it was that I was interested in and I feel like being in a management position was definitely a part of that, so business made sense over time. Once I was actually applying and looking at the different options through UF, it clicked that that was the best route to go for me.”


As a Florida Army National Guardsman, Djynno is called upon to help in times of need across the Sunshine State. He was activated to assist fellow Floridians in Live Oak who were suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

“It was rural, so a lot of trees had fallen down and we were helping out a bunch with the locals,” Djynno said. “We were working with a lot of law enforcement to delegate and tell us where we needed to focus our work. Many were still without power. Although most of Florida was very fortunate this time around, that area in particular got the short end of the stick.”


Djynno offered this advice to fellow servicemembers and veterans who are considering pursuing their degree through UF Online: “Definitely do it,” he said. “Like Nike, ‘just do it.’ Don’t feel overwhelmed. Use your resources out there, like your advisors, classmates, or professors. My advisors have been amazing, they have been great keeping me on track and providing me with information. Just get started. If you’ve taken a break from school, it may not be ideal for you to get a full load right away. You might be overwhelmed, so really gauge where you think you are and start off accordingly. Figure it out little by little but continue to move in that direction.”

“Whatever your timeline may look like, you’ll eventually reach your goals and it will definitely be worth it,” Djynno said.

The University of Florida proudly honors exceptional students like Djynno as they strive toward their academic goals. UF Online gratefully acknowledges the devoted veterans and service members like him who help take care of our communities and residents. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Djynno for his service and offer our best wishes as he continues his educational journey.



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