UF Online Annual Report Released

Want to learn how UF Online did in 2019-2020 and what our plans are for the future? Check out the latest UF Online Annual Report!

UF Online has been around for seven years now, and we haven’t wasted a minute of that time. We’ve continued to increase the quality of our classes, made strides in student engagement, and expanded what courses we offer. All of this while making sure our students have access to the best student resources and support. The University of Florida’s commitment to academic excellence guides every step we take, and we’re proud to support the State of Florida’s investment in online education.

2020 brought unexpected challenges to the university and the world, but it also brought unique opportunities and perspectives. 2020 was the year that virtually every instructor became an online instructor, and questions about how to best engage students during a pandemic have been on every educator’s mind. While these questions aren’t new to us, all of the new innovations, learnings, and attention has helped shape the ways that UF Online is serving students in 2021 and beyond.

“I continue to revere [University of Florida community’s] tenacity, accomplishments, and commitment to one another. We truly are one Gator family with a presence worldwide and now with a global undergraduate learning community, one that was never thought possible prior to the bold investments made by the State of Florida just seven years ago in 2014. […] Here’s to a bright and hopeful future for the University of Florida, led by our faculty, staff, and students.”
Evangeline Cummings
Assistant Provost & Director of UF Online

As part of our latest Annual Report, UF Online has revisited our five main goals, as outlined in the 2019-2024 business plan. These goals center on UF Online’s mission of expanding student access, success, and engagement while continuing to support a program that is both high quality and cost effective.

View the report to learn more about the progress made in each of the areas below.

Goal 1: Robust Student Learning via the UF Online Pathway

  • Supporting innovation in online STEM undergraduate education
  • Fortifying a campus-wide interdepartmental network of faculty and staff
  • Adapting microbiology labs for online delivery in response to the pandemic

Goal 2: Smart Design, Production, and Delivery of Academic Programs

  • Increasing academic offerings to include four new degree pathways
  • Creating or updating 69 courses with UF’s Center for Online Innovation and Production
  • Administering a student experience survey to better understand the student body

Goal 3: An Enriching and Supported Online Student Experience

  • Piloting a peer to peer tutoring program with Knack
  • Launching the first cohort of UF Online Student Ambassadors
  • Improving the Plaza virtual community space and information library
  • Redesigning the Links UF Online Orientation experience

Goal 4: Deployment of Strategic Marketing and Recruitment

  • Expanding the Employer Pathways Program with more new partners and enrollments
  • Pivoting to a fully-online marketing and recruitment event strategy in 2020

Goal 5: Smart Growth and Data-Driven Operations

  • Defining two leanly structured core teams: an Operations team and Academic Advising and Student Affairs team
  • Sound financial management including nearly $7,000,000 in delivery funding for UF colleges

* In the Fall 2019 Student Experience Survey, 62.5% of respondents indicated they are interested in pursuing graduate school opportunities. Here is a breakdown of the credentials they have their eyes on after completing their bachelor’s degree.

If you’d like a detailed review of UF Online’s past annual reports, visit our Official Documents page.


The University of Florida is the No. 6 public university in the country as ranked by U.S. News & World Report in 2020. The UF Online pathway earned the No. 3 rank in the country in the U.S. News & World Report 2021 rankings of online programs. Students can select from more than 20 UF majors and 9 minors taught by UF faculty from across 13 colleges. UF Online students also work with a dedicated academic advisor to design their own academic pathway and schedule each term. Degree programs are continually being added. Visit ufonline.ufl.edu to learn more.