Minor in Event Management

The minor in Event Management provides students with well-rounded courses preparing them to move into any aspect of service industry management. With an increased demand for professionals in this industry each year, graduates can become leaders, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs in both public and private sectors. Students can apply the knowledge and skills gained to a variety of settings including but not limited to corporate, non-profits, associations, exhibitions, sport, government, and entertainment.

A minor in Event Management includes courses in conference and special event planning, promotion, sponsorship, financial and revenue management, and production. With this minor, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to administer and manage commercial and entrepreneurial event service businesses. A minor will allow you to explore personal interests, satisfy intellectual curiosity, and differentiate yourself from peers among job prospects. Whether you choose to do a minor to complement your degree or optimize your educational career, a minor will, without doubt, give you more value.

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