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Bachelor of Arts in Geology

Why Choose an Online Geology Degree?

The unearthed history of our planet awaits you. Gain a better understanding of our planet and its physical characteristics through an online geology degree from UF Online.

Liberal Arts and Sciences
Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts
Diploma Title
Bachelor of Arts
With a major in Geology
Transcript Title
Bachelor of Arts
Major Geology

Will My Credits Transfer?

Our Bachelor of Arts in Geology online degree program prepares students for a wide array of careers related to earth science, natural resource management, the environment, environmental law, Earth-Space science teaching or other fields where knowledge of the Earth, its resources and their sustainability are required.

Geology majors learn about the Earth’s physical environment including climate, non-renewable geological resources, renewable geological resources, geological hazards and remediation as well as basic skills required by geologists. These skills and the geological perspective open doors to employment in government agencies and private firms that deal with water management, mining and petroleum exploration, climate change, the environment and education.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Geology is best suited for students interested in careers in education or environmental policymaking. The degree also allows students flexibility to pursue advanced degrees in environmental law or environmental medicine.

Join the earth explorers who practice geology through evaluating water resources, finding remedies for environmental problems, predicting natural hazards and providing insights into past climate change. Through in depth skill development in research, analytics, data management, critical thinking and collaboration, UF Online Geology graduates gain worldwide scope into a discipline that combines science and the humanities.

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What professions will a degree in Geology prepare me for?

  • Coastal Geologist
  • Engineering Geologist
  • Geochemist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Mineralogist
  • Mudlogger
  • Oceanographer
  • Stratigrapher
  • Volcanologist
  • Wellsite Geologist

Please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or Career One Stop for additional suggestions on further career pathways and opportunities.

What are the admissions requirements for a geology major?

Freshmen & Lower Division Transfer Applicants

Upper Division & Second Bachelor's Transfer Applicants

Upper division transfer applicants (students with 60 or more college credits earned) and Second Bachelor's degree seeking applicants should have at least a 2.5 overall GPA and have completed two courses from the following list* with at least a 2.5 GPA:

  • Any Geology course (must have a GLY prefix)
  • Introduction to Oceanography (OCE 1001)
  • Introduction to Earth Science (ESC 1000)


  • All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.
  • Unsuccessful attempts in prerequisite courses may lower competitiveness.
  • Unsuccessful attempts in additional courses in the desired major may lower competitiveness.
  • Out of state courses used to meet prerequisites may need to be evaluated by the appropriate department upon admission.

**If your institution only has one of the approved courses then a three hour general education math course (including MAC 1105, MAC 1140, MAC 1147, STA 2023) may be used in lieu of one of the Geology courses listed above.


At the University of Florida, our passion goes beyond our walls — and so do our opportunities.

UF Online's B.A. in Geology degree program offers the important coursework necessary to provide the basics toward a career of researching how our planet has historically behaved, to determine how the events and activity of the past and present may influence our future. Our online geology degree program allows you to make a difference in organizations that impact our world and its valuable resources. We provide the stepping stool to a convenient online education, with top faculty in the area, and a detailed understanding of climate change, sustainability of the Earth's resources and the close interplay between human activity and the environment, all for a fraction of the cost of comparable degree programs.

Designed for students whose commitments make traditional campus attendance impractical, our online geology degree program stands at the forefront, providing flexible academic options with the same elite faculty and rigor that makes us a leading university and top research institution. We connect people with opportunities, remove barriers and set the standard for online higher education. UF Online graduates earn the same elite degree they would receive on campus, and they will be at the top of the list for the best employers in the country.