Agricultural Ecology

Course:ALS 3153
Agricultural Ecology
Jennifer Weeks
Jennifer Weeks, PhD
Entomology and Nematology
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

This course introduces students to agricultural systems as ecosystems governed by the same ecological processes governing all natural systems.

Students will learn about the ecological processes controlling soil-water-plant-atmosphere interactions as well as the capture and use of solar energy in the biosphere. Students will also examine biotic interactions in agricultural systems and a variety of farming practices in the context of sustainability.

Weekly videos and readings will provide information for completing weekly quizzes and four exams. Readings and web resources will frame four, focused discussion sessions. “Virtual field trip” experiences will provide students with a field perspective on special topics and additional information needed to complete two assignments. The semester will culminate in the students completing a group research paper on a mutually determined topic.

Course Goals

  1. Examine how general ecological principles apply to agricultural systems.
  2. Understand how crops interact with biotic and abiotic factors in the environment.
  3. Explore the interactions between agriculture and natural ecosystems.
  4. Discuss practices of conventional agriculture that impact natural resources and present barriers to sustainability.
  5. Learn about practices, technology, and research that represent possibilities for long-term sustainability in agriculture.

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