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PaCE Program

Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE) is a path enabling freshman Gators to experience the best of both worlds at the University of Florida by starting out with the flexibility of online coursework for a few semesters prior to transitioning to campus to finish their degrees in residential courses.

This site includes information, resources, and support to help you learn about the PaCE program and connect with UF teams who can answer your questions.

Watch the Overview

Director of UF Online provides an overview of information you will want to know about the PaCE Program (12 min).

Watch the Student Experience Chat

Featuring UF Online Student Ambassadors, PaCE Students and UF Online staff and campus partners

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Optional Fee Package Webinars
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Optional Fee Package Webinar Monday, May 20 at 6:00PM-7:00PM ET
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Important Dates

Confirm Enrollment via the
Check Status application portal
Deadline: May 15

Send Official Transcripts
Deadline: July 15

PaCE Preview (New Student Orientation)
Registration Opens: Feb 27

Connect with your PaCE Academic Advisor

Schedule a time to meet with your dedicated advisor.

Use the tool below or visit the UF Online Handbook site to find your advisor.

About the PaCE Program

Same Degree, Same Faculty

UF Online & PaCE students earn the same degree as students who attend all their classes on campus, taught by the same world-renowned faculty. Your diploma and transcript will be the same as students who complete UF courses in person. You’re a Gator from day one!

Cost Savings

PaCE students and families benefit from reduced tuition and fees offered through UF Online courses. Florida residents in UF Online receive a 25% reduction in tuition and have fewer required student fees! Our affordability page even features a tuition calculator to estimate the cost of attendance.

On-Campus Involvement

If you choose to live in Gainesville and want a more robust campus experience, you can participate in a variety of activities and programs by opting into the Optional Fee Package. By choosing to pay these optional fees (which are required for campus students), PaCE students have access to UF campus gyms, student health services, unlimited bus fares, athletic events, and more.


As a PaCE student, you can customize your college experience, create your own schedule for studying, join student clubs, complete an internship, or even work a part-time job. Whether you choose to move to Gainesville, stay home with family, or even travel the world—you can complete your UF Online classes from anywhere!



During the first segment of PaCE, students have flexibility while taking UF classes online from wherever they want to be - at a reduced tuition rate. After meeting their major’s transition requirements, these students switch to on campus courses to finish out their UF degree.

Here are some helpful resources to answer your questions.

Join a chat or webinar

PaCE virtual chats

UF Online will host three virtual #UF28 PaCE Chats for new students and families. UF Online leaders, students, and staff will be available to answer questions and provide program insights through Zoom. We encourage you to attend to find out more about the many aspects of our program.

#UF28 PaCE Chat: Student Experience Chat

Featuring UF Online Student Ambassadors, PaCE Students and UF Online staff and campus partners

Watch Recording
#UF28 PaCE Overview Chat

Featuring: UF Online Director, Rhiannon Pollard, Ph.D., PaCE Academic Advisors, UF Online staff and campus partners

Watch Recording

Questions about the Virtual Chats? Reach out to our team at

Optional fee package

Learn more about the UF Online Optional Fee Package by attending a webinar. This package gives students the opportunity to access various student activities on campus.

Monday, May 20 at 6:00PM ET: Register Here

In addition to this website, UF has a variety of resources ready to help students and parents learn more about the PaCE program.



What is UF Online?

UF Online continues to be top-ranked in the nation among online bachelor's programs, holding at six years in the top five according to US News & World Report.

UF Online students enjoy added flexibility, lower tuition and fees, dedicated academic advisors, and their own virtual campus community hub (the UF Online Plaza), all while learning directly from the prestigious UF faculty that also teach at our main Gainesville campus.

Check out the Student Handbook for more on UF Online policies.

What majors are offered through PaCE?

Check out the “Academic Experience” tab at the top for details on majors in PaCE.

What will it be like to take online classes?

Classes at UF Online are designed specifically to serve our over 4,000 fully-online undergraduates. Our courses go above and beyond to include much of the same face-to-face interactions and live lectures as traditional classrooms. Visit the “Academic Experience” tab at the top to explore a live demo and experience what a UF Online class is like.

What is the cost of attendance for PaCE students?

Florida residents in UF Online classes receive a 25 percent reduction in tuition and have fewer required student fees. Learn more.

You can use the PaCE cost of attendance calculator here

Can I use scholarships or financial aid?

Florida Bright Futures and Florida pre-paid can be used by PaCE students for tuition and fees. Check out the Admission website for more information.

What is the optional fee package?

The Optional Fee Package provides access to many typical campus life amenities including athletics, campus dining, recreation, and health services. Learn more about the Optional Fee Package

Tuesday, April 9 at 12:00PM ET: Register Here

Monday, May 20 at 6:00PM ET: Register Here
What are my housing options in PaCE?

One of the great benefits of PaCE is the mobility and flexibility available with online learning. Students may choose to stay home for part or all of their PaCE experience or explore other living arrangements. Although PaCE students are not eligible to apply for on-campus housing in the dormitories, students who wish to live in Gainesville and access the main campus are encouraged to do so.

You can find more housing information on the UF Off Campus Life website.

What student support services are available to PaCE students?

While the Optional Fee Package provides full access to many campus amenities, the support services listed below are available to ALL UF students regardless of their optional fee package status.

Career Connections Center

At the heart of the work that is done at the Career Connections Center is the University of Florida student. The staff prides itself on providing unique and comprehensive services to all students – from first year students to graduate students and alumni, and everyone in between. In-person and Virtual Services are available.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center strives to provide quality services to students with physical, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities, to educate them about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed decisions, and to foster a sense of empowerment so that they can engage in critical thinking and self-determination. Email the center or call their staff at 352-392-8568 for additional information.

Counseling & Wellness Center

Many in-person and virtual resources are available to PaCE students through the UF Counseling and Wellness Center's website. To gain full access to the Counseling and Wellness Center, PaCE students may purchase the Optional Fee Package through UF Online or pay an Off-Semester Access Charge.

UF Tutoring Center

Through a variety of services and instructional approaches, the Teaching Center seeks to help students master effective ways of learning for different disciplines. Email the center for more details.

PaCE Academic Advisors

Each PaCE student has a dedicated advisor who is here to help guide and support you. Find yours here.

UF Online OneStop

UF Online & PaCE students with questions for the Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Affairs or the Bursar’s Office, can contact the UF Online OneStop for a convenient and centralized service for all three departments. Online or call them at 352-294-3290.

UF Online Academic Strategies

Don’t know exactly who to contact or where to find a support resources? Or maybe you have questions about your course experience and student involvement. The UF Online Academic Strategies team is available to help support UF Online and PaCE students through their journey. Email the team or call 352-273-4478.

How can I connect with other PaCE students and families?

Find us and fellow PaCE Gators on social!

  • Follow UF Online on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to get the latest updates.
  • Meet other PaCE students – Join the PaCE Student & Families Facebook group to connect with current and former PaCE students and families, as you’re making your decision.
  • Once you accept your offer and create your new Gator email account, you’ll receive your exclusive invitation into the UF Online Plaza to start engaging with your fellow Gators in an online community space.
Visit campus

The best way to decide if UF is the right place for you is to experience it. The Office of Admissions offers multiple opportunities in several formats for you to find out for yourself what makes UF the #6 Public University, and why It’s Great to be a Florida Gator! Visityour UF Admissions portal for information on attending upcoming events.

Who can I contact for more help?

Additionally, parents and students can participate in our live online events such as the PaCE virtual chats and UF Admissions virtual and in person events. And don’t forget to sign up for Preview!

Still Have Questions? We can Help!

Top-Notch Academics

UF Online’s small class sizes, dedicated academic advisors for each major, and innovative course delivery helped UF Online earn top 5 rankings for 6 years in a row from U.S. News & World Report.

Online Classes @UF Online

Our courses go above and beyond to include much of the same face-to-face interactions and activities that traditional classrooms include, taught by the same expert faculty researchers and scholars who teach in the main campus classrooms. Check out the list of UF Online courses to view the courses UF offers to its over 4,000 fully online students

The University of Florida uses Canvas learning management system – learn more here.

Explore a uf online classroom

This specially-designed course demo was created to allow potential students and their families to click through an experience very similar to a live UF Online course.

Our faculty teams up with expert instructional designers at the Center for Online Innovation and Production to bring students the best possible online course experiences!

Explore Course Demo

Learn More About PaCE Major Options

Explore UF College welcome pages for applicants admitted into the PaCE program. Not sure which major you put on your application? Review the UF PaCE majors. Each PaCE student is admitted into a specific PaCE major from one of UF’s colleges.

Find Your PaCE Advisor

Each PaCE student has a dedicated advisor who is here to help guide and support you. Find yours here.

Staying Connected to Gator Campus Activities

Opportunities on Main Campus

PaCE students who live in Gainesville and surrounding areas can take advantage of campus activities, resources, and involvement as they choose. The Optional Fee Package provides access to many campus-life amenities, including athletics, campus dining, recreation, and health services.

Students who do not select the optional fee package are still welcome on the main campus anytime and can visit libraries, faculty office hours, student clubs, and much more.

Virtual Involvement Opportunities

Students who live outside of the Gainesville area or have obligations that keep them from visiting campus for in-person activities will have all the same opportunities to participate as our fully-online students do.

You can connect with other PaCE students in the UF Online Plaza, join us for virtual game nights, online undergraduate conferences, research showcases, workshops, career planning activities, becoming a peer tutor, and so much more! Many student clubs and organizations hold virtual or Zoom-enabled meetings as well.


No Limits to What Gators Can Accomplish: Celebrating Student Body President Cooper Brown’s Path to UF via PaCE

Excitement, nervousness, and anticipation are just a few of the emotions that first-year applicants experience on the University of Florida’s annual decision day. On that big day, UF’s newest Gators find out if they’ve been admitted to the University. New Gators join the Gator Nation via several admissions programs, a hallmark of UF’s inclusive undergraduate program that matches applicants with pathways of UF academic opportunity. These successful and innovative pathways are also some of the most unique and award-winning programs in the nation for students.

One pathway that can only be found at UF is the Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE), the nation’s only blended learning undergraduate pathway program. Launched in 2015, PaCE increases opportunities for new Gators by combining UF’s top-ranked online learning with residential classrooms for just over 50 UF majors. PaCE Gators enjoy greater freedom of movement and lower costs during their first two years in the nation’s #1 online bachelors program, UF Online, and are later guaranteed enrollment in UF’s residential campus classrooms where classes are smaller as they complete their major-specific and upper-division course requirements.

When Cooper Brown received his letter of “congratulations” on decision day, he first needed a better understanding of what PaCE was and how it worked before making the best decision for himself. But Cooper is so glad he did it. After completing his UF classes online, transitioning to UF residential classes, and even becoming the student body president and a Gator grad, 23-year-old Cooper Brown couldn’t be happier with his decision to accept his PaCE offer. “Now that I’m finished, it’s the best decision that I have ever made in my life,” Cooper affirmed.

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