Employer Pathways

UF Online is proud to partner with progressive employers that support students as they pursue their University of Florida bachelor’s degree through UF Online

By working in collaboration with the University of Florida, these employers forge new pathways for their workforce into UF’s many academic offerings in our online learning environment. The flexibility and versatility of UF Online enables students to pursue their academic goals while working full time or tending to other pressing responsibilities, including the care of family members or service in their communities.

Current participants in the UF Online Employer Pathways Program include:

UF remains committed to providing flexible and accessible pathways so that students may earn a degree of value while also focusing on other important aspects of their full lives. UF also applauds the employers that build these pathways for their employees. Through this initiative, employers are showing their workforce the value of a degree and the importance it holds for the future of the organization and the individuals within it. The University of Florida is eager to partner with employers that wish to provide these great pathways for their employees while not compromising on the quality and value of the degree earned.