Employer Pathways

UF Online is proud to partner with progressive employers that support students as they pursue their University of Florida bachelor’s degree through UF Online

Launched in 2018, the University of Florida Online Employer Pathways Program now bridges work and academics for over 1 million workers across the United States who wish to pursue their studies online at UF while working and supporting themselves and their loved ones.

Working in collaboration with the University of Florida, employers are forging new pathways for their workers into UF’s many academic offerings. Moreover, the flexibility and versatility of UF Online enables students to pursue their academic goals while working full-time or tending to other pressing responsibilities, including the care of family members or service in their communities. UF remains committed to providing flexible and accessible pathways so that students may earn a valuable UF degree while also focusing on other important aspects of their full lives.

Are you an employer? Join our program today!

The University of Florida is eager to grow these Employer Pathways with additional partners so that together we may provide fully accredited and high quality online, academic pathways for workers across the country. Now our students can balance work and their studies with the support they need from their University family and their employer.

Employers interested in participating in the UF Online Employer Pathways Program are encouraged to contact Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships, Rachel Cook to get started.

UF remains committed to providing flexible and accessible pathways so that students may earn a degree of value while also focusing on other important aspects of their full lives. UF also applauds the employers that build these pathways for their employees. Through this initiative, employers are showing their workforce the value of a degree and the importance it holds for the future of the organization and the individuals within it. The University of Florida is eager to partner with employers that wish to provide these great pathways for their employees while not compromising on the quality and value of the degree earned.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m an employer; Who can I talk to about joining this exciting pathways program?

UF Online welcomes employer questions about how to get started in this Employer Pathways Program and what’s involved. We are happy to work with employers that want to help their workforce earn a degree at UF. Bottom line: paying your workers’ tuition and/or fees is easy to do! Reach out to the Assistant Provost and Director of UF Online, Rachel Cook today to get started. You can work directly with UF Online on designing your own educational benefits and pathway to UF!

What degree programs would be fully covered by employer benefits in the UF Online Employer Pathways Program?

Employers determine which UF Online majors are eligible for full coverage by their educational benefits programs. Employees of Disney and Rock Family of Companies should direct all questions about eligibility for benefits, the scope of programs available, and the process to apply to UF Online to Guild at help@guildeducation.com or 720-709-2871.

What are the admissions standards for applicants who come through a corporate partnership with UF Online?

Applicants from these employers must meet the very same admissions standards as any other applicant. The admissions standards for Employer Pathway applicants are identical to the existing UF Online admissions standards.

To speak with a Guild coach about your eligibility for admissions to UF Online, sign up at the corporate partner’s website listed above. Once you submit this form, a coach from Guild will contact you to review your academic background, review UF Online’s admission requirements, and provide qualified prospective students with a unique link to the UF Online Admissions Application.

How do employees from the employers listed above apply to UF Online?

If you work for one of the employers listed above, you must contact Guild prior to applying to UF Online to ensure you are eligible for your employee educational benefits, that you activate your benefits, and that your appropriate educational benefit is applied correctly to your student account.

After you sign up, a Guild coach will provide qualified applicants a unique link to the UF Online Admissions Application. After receiving your UF Online application, the UF Online Admissions team will notify you of the remaining documents that you need to submit for your Admissions file.

What happens after an application is submitted?

Once a prospective student takes the first step and submits an online application, a member of the UF Online admissions team is assigned to guide each applicant through the rest of the process. The admissions team will reach out after receiving an application and, from that point forward, be the main point of contact. They will let the applicant know what additional steps need to be taken to complete the full application package.

How will transfer credit be evaluated for employees from corporate partners?

Transfer credit will be evaluated using the University’s standard transfer credit policy.

It is the prerogative of the student’s UF college to determine how transfer credit satisfies the specific degree’s course requirements. Courses from Florida public community colleges and State University System schools generally adhere to the Statewide Course Numbering System. If the prefix (first three letters) and the last three digits of the course number are the same, then the course is considered equivalent.

Will transfer credits be accepted from corporate training programs?

No, UF is not accepting corporate training credits at this time. Refer to the Office of Admissions’ transfer credit evaluation practices as well as to the university’s official transfer credit policy for complete information.

After admission, what are the next steps?

Once a student has been admitted to UF Online, the student will continue to work with our admissions team and will start working with their assigned academic advisor. Students will be sent invitations to complete the required online orientation and to attend a welcome webinar. Students will also need to make an appointment with their academic advisor before enrolling in their first class. The admissions team will continue to work with students and help them through the onboarding process up until enrollment. Academic advisors become the primary point of contact after enrollment.

Can students in this program take classes on campus?

No. UF Online students are admitted into our fully online program. Online students cannot enroll in or attend on-campus classes.

UF Online students can participate in study abroad, research with faculty, internships, and other similar programs. Additionally, some colleges offer boot camps or institutes where UF Online students can come to campus for labs or other specialized programs for a designated time period, usually 2-3 weeks over the summer term.

Will students in this program have access to campus?

Yes. UF Online students are Gators from day 1 and are welcomed here in Gainesville as part of our campus learning community. UF has a beautiful and expansive campus that is open to visitors from the public, and, of course, all UF students. Beyond campus, UF Online students also meet and mingle in their own virtual community forum, the UF Online Plaza. Furthermore, our UF Online students get special invitations to UF Online student campus events, such as our annual UF Online Homecoming Tailgate in the fall. We also encourage students to get involved with student organizations and even their local Gator Club. Research shows that engaged students are more successful.

Additionally, students can also take advantage of the Optional Fee Package, which provides access to a variety of campus-based services. However, the Optional Fee Package may not be covered by employer reimbursement programs.

Earning a UF degree is more than getting a piece of paper – it is an experience. It is becoming part of the Gator Nation. These students are joining a powerful alumni base and that begins with a robust and engaging student experience. Learn more by visiting our Student Experience page.

So what is different for students who enroll in UF Online from these employers?

Students enrolled in UF Online via an Employer Pathway receive specific educational benefits from their employer. The University of Florida, however, provides the same enrollment pathway, curriculum, support, and experience for all students, independent of their employer.

Are tuition and fees different for this program?

No. There is no difference in tuition or fees for students enrolled in UF Online via an Employer Pathway. The only difference is that employers are often fully funding the costs for these UF Online students.

Why is this important for UF?

Providing affordable access to a high-quality, elite education is a driving principle of UF Online. Partnering with an employer that is providing funding to encourage their employees to seek a bachelor’s degree aligns with this guiding principle.

Why are these educational benefits and pathways important for employers?

More and more employers are looking to education benefit programs to help attract, retain, and broaden the skillsets of their employees. Additionally, employers identify academic programs of value to ensure employees are getting a quality education for the investment the company is making and ultimately graduating with enhanced qualifications and value for the employer and employee.