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Laura A.

Sport Management Graduate

Through UF Online’s sport management program, Laura earned an elite four-year degree without compromising her obligations as a working professional and devoted mom. Now she’s turning her love of sports into a full-time pursuit — as a Gator graduate.

Krishan B.

Business Administration Graduate

Krishan had a family legacy in business to uphold, but he chose to do it his own way. As a UF business administration grad, he can redefine his future as an entrepreneur while feeding his passion for music as a professional DJ.

Megan M.

UF Online Master Lecturer

Megan continues the groundbreaking work that defines the faculty at the University of Florida. Through engaging techniques and technology, she gives her online students a unique outlook on the art of statistics.

Andrew S.

Criminology & Law Student

Even with his busy life as an active-duty officer and a father of three, Andrew saw an opportunity to go further. He took advantage of UF Online’s criminology & law program to rise up in his law-enforcement career.

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