UFO-X: Experiential Learning

Experiential courses that connect and excite.

UF Online is proud to offer UFO-X, a selection of shorter experiential courses for students who are looking for a condensed and in-depth immersion experience. UF Online students lead busy lives, and we know that semester-long trips or experiences are not always an option. Ranging between one and five weeks long, these for-credit experiences available for enrolled students provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience and interact in-person with UF’s world class faculty. These experiences may be in Gainesville, other parts of Florida, and even international locations.

Some experiences have additional requirements or applications, as well as additional costs. Take a look at the options below, and keep coming back to see new upcoming opportunities!

Spring 2020 (January—April)

Treetop Biodiversity

Department: Biology
Destination: Gainesville, FL
Length: January 6-February 7 (5 weeks)
Course: PCB 4460
Description: This course partners with Gainesville’s Danny Lyons and Canopy Climbers to provide a unique field research experience: we’ll climb and sample botanical diversity in the treetops! This experience will run from 12:50 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday during the outlined dates. For additional information, see the program experience page.

Covering the Bigs: Live Reporting from Major League Baseball spring training

Department: College of Journalism and Communications
Destination: Tampa Bay, FL
Length: March 1-March 7 (1 week)
Course: MMC 4930
Description: This one-week experience involves reporting on major league baseball spring training. You’ll learn about and report on Grapefruit League games, fan experiences, features, and other events surrounding major league teams in the Tampa area. Students create a portfolio piece by filing their reports to the class website. Stories will include multimedia elements and more.

To complete this experience, students must be available for class meetings on Wednesdays from 11:45 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. throughout the semester. Online students may attend these class meetings by Zoom. Find the application for this experience here.

Storytelling with Documentary

Department: College of Journalism and Communications
Destination: Gainesville, FL
Length: March 2-March 6 (1 week)
Course: MMC 4930
Description: During this five-day immersive study, students will gather and edit various audio-visual elements together to create documentary-style stories. We will work with several tools including 360-degree video cameras, and discuss best practices within the industry. Students will begin the course before arriving in Gainesville with assigned viewings and exercises and build upon these as the course progresses. Cameras and editing stations will be available, although students are encouraged to bring their own DSLR/mirrorless cameras if they desire.

Off-campus field trips will offer students the chance to gather footage in the north central Florida environment. Each student will leave the course with at least one fully edited documentary-style project as well as an online sample of their work with the 360-degree video cameras. If interested in this experience, chat with your Academic Advisor.

UF in Paris -- African Americans in Paris

Department: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Destination: Paris, France
Length: March 1-March 8 (1 week)
Course: AFA 4905 (2 credits)
Description: This study abroad trip provides students the opportunity to explore the African American presence in Paris, learning about the journeys of political persons, academic figures, and cultural bearers. Students will visit several historic sites. More information can be found on the UF Study Abroad Webpage.

UF in Costa Rica -- Tropical Ecosystems

Department: School of Forest Resources and Conservation, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Destination: Costa Rica
Length: March 1-March 8 (1 week)
Course: ALS 4404 International Studies (3 credits)
Description: Take an eight-day trip to Costa Rica during spring break to study ecotourism and recreation. Learn about tropical ecosystems and environmentally-based development as well as cultural history and the food production industry. This program is open to all UF students but is specifically designed for natural science or agriculture-related majors. More information can be found on the UF Study Abroad webpage.