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Today the University of Florida announces the launch of Gator Pathways, a network of opportunities for students to earn their UF bachelor’s degree via the University’s top-ranked online bachelor’s degree program, UF Online. With a new network of college partners, clear and navigable transfer pathways, and new Path Guides, Gator Pathways is increasing opportunities for future Gators worldwide.

“Gator Pathways represents the next evolution to the University of Florida’s approach to welcoming students that prefer an online learning path but don’t want to compromise on quality. By forging our own network with Florida College System partners, connecting our curricula, and launching Path Guides, UF is demonstrating that even as we rise in national reputation, we remain committed to expanding college access,” says UF Assistant Provost and Director of UF Online, Evangeline Tsibris Cummings.

Gator Pathways is made possible by partnership. Founding partners in the Gator Pathways College Network are Santa Fe College, Seminole State College, and the College of Central Florida. This network will now enable students from across the nation and around the world to complete their UF bachelor’s degree fully online, beginning with their fully-online Associate of Arts (A.A.) at a network college. Students residing in Florida will also have the option to start on campus at a network institution, transferring to UF Online and completing their UF bachelor’s degree fully online.

At Santa Fe College, collaborations are the cornerstone of our success, and none is more significant than our longstanding partnership with the University of Florida. The launch of the Gator Pathways Program advances our collective role in enhancing educational opportunities for our students, particularly those who find a virtual learning environment an attractive option. Many of our students have gone on to complete their studies with UF Online, and we look forward to continuing to engage our students and solidifying their success upon transfer. Paul Broadie II, Ph.D.
President, Santa Fe College
We are proud to partner with the University of Florida and offer our A.A. graduates easy transfer to UF Online bachelor’s degree programs not offered by Seminole State. The strong partnership allows our students to start a Raider and finish a Gator with a degree that leads to a rewarding career. Georgia L. Lorenz, Ph.D.
President, Seminole State College
We are excited to offer Finish@UF as part of Gator Pathways to our students in Marion, Citrus and Levy counties. UF has been one of our top transfer universities for many years, and Finish@UF will help expand opportunities for those students who need flexibility to complete their bachelor’s degree. With UF Online, these students will be able to earn the very same UF degree but in a more accessible and agile format. Jim Henningsen, Ph.D.
President, College of Central Florida

Major features of Gator Pathways:

Gator Pathways College Network

Founding network partners Santa Fe College, Seminole State College, and College of Central Florida are already experts at welcoming and supporting students, including those who wish to transfer their studies to UF. By combining the efforts of our teams and focusing on degree completion pathways online via UF Online, we aim to put a UF degree within reach of all students, including many more working adults, active duty military, student parents and more, worldwide.

Employer Pathways

UF Online is incorporating our successful Employer Pathways program into Gator Pathways as a key feature. Our #GatorsOnline who join via their supportive employers will also enjoy the benefits of our network and more. When employers partner with UF Online, they also gain access to the network and Path Guides, ensuring more working adults can earn their UF bachelor’s degree.

Academic On-Ramps

Gator Pathways connects UF academic programs and curricula with network colleges. Through UF Online’s successful Finish@UF and UF Online Ready, students will have clear academic on-ramps that lead to their UF bachelor’s degree. Students can focus energy on their studies and career goals, instead of having to connect schools’ academic programs on their own, while also working a full-time job, raising a family, and more.

Path Guides

Finally, UF is thrilled to announce the establishment of new Gator Path Guides. We know our students lead busy lives and the University of Florida can sometimes feel like a big place. UF’s in-house team of Path Guides will serve as each student’s single point of contact at UF as they work to transfer their studies to UF via UF Online. Working in partnership and coordination with a student’s network college, Path Guides will assist each student on their journey to complete their UF degree, no matter their current college employer, transfer pathway, or onboarding program.

With Gator Pathways, the University of Florida is demonstrating the power of a top five, modern public research university to forge meaningful and supported academic pathways for students. Gator Pathways is UF’s commitment to eliminating barriers and streamlining steps for all students, including adult learners, so that they, too, may join the Gator Nation.

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The Finish@UF program utilizes a criteria-based admission process, enabling UF Online to welcome all qualified upper-division transfer applicants who meet predetermined admission criteria. Additionally, the program offers an accelerated admissions process and guaranteed transfer credits, in addition to ensuring that no additional general education credits are required at UF! This allows students to start major-specific coursework right away. More information regarding Finish@UF can be found here. Additional enhancements to the Finish@UF program will be announced later this year. We’re excited to welcome Santa Fe College, Seminole State College and the College of Central Florida, our Finish@UF partners, to the Gator Pathways network!

UF Online Ready

UF Online Ready supports highly qualified upper-division applicants by giving them the opportunity to take specific prerequisite courses right here at UF. In the past, upper-division applicants who were missing prerequisite courses were denied admission to UF Online and advised to reapply after completing the prerequisite courses for their major at another institution. The UF Online Ready program will now enable applicants to complete missing prerequisites through UF Online, thereby increasing access to Florida’s flagship university. More information regarding UF Online Ready can be found here.

Employer Pathways Program

Launched in 2018, the University of Florida Online Employer Pathways Program now bridges work and academics for over 300,000 eligible workers across the United States who wish to pursue their studies online at UF while working and supporting themselves and their loved ones.

Working in collaboration with the University of Florida, employers are forging new pathways for their workers into UF’s many academic offerings. Moreover, the flexibility and versatility of UF Online enables students, across the nation and around the world, to pursue their academic goals while working full-time or tending to other pressing responsibilities, including the care of family members or service in their communities. UF remains committed to providing flexible and accessible pathways so that students may earn a valuable UF degree while also focusing on other important aspects of their full lives. Learn more about the Employer Pathways Program here.

How to Contact Us

Interested in joining the UF network of colleges?

The University of Florida is eager to continue expanding our strategic Gator Pathways Network with additional partners so that together we may provide fully-accredited, affordable, and top-ranked online academic pathways for future Gators across the country. Florida College System institutions interested in participating in the Gator Pathways Network are encouraged to contact gatorpathways@ufonline.ufl.edu to start the conversation and get more information.

Interested in supporting your workforce or membership with access to Gator Pathways?

Employers, associations, or other organizations that want to support expanded access to Gator Pathways and UF degrees are encouraged to contact Assistant Provost Cummings at ecummings@ufl.edu or gatorpathways@ufonline.ufl.edu. We can’t wait to work with you to expand college access!

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Launched in 2014, UF Online now supports just over 4,500 Gators via 25 bachelor’s degree pathways across 10 UF colleges, all taught by UF faculty. These Gators earn the very same degree as their campus peers, at 40% lower cost, to remove barriers for busy working adults who still deserve every opportunity to earn their UF degree. #GatorsOnline hail from across the State of Florida, 43 other states, Washington, D.C. and 12 countries. Per U.S. News and World Report 2021, UF Online is #3 in the nation across all online bachelor’s programs, a proud expanded campus extension of the nation’s #5 Public University and a gateway to all that UF has to offer.