General Degree Requirements

General Requirements

In addition to specific degree requirements, here are general degree requirements you’ll want to take into account in order to graduate.

General Education

36 credits of courses in the following areas:

  • 3 credits of Composition (C)
  • 6 credits of Humanities (H)
  • 6 credits of Mathematics (M)
  • 12 credits of Physical and Biological Sciences (P) and (B)
  • 9 credits of Social and Behavioral Sciences (S)

In addition, Diversity and International credits are required; they can be earned at the same time as the areas listed above (e.g., a course may count towards H credits and D credits, but not towards H credits and S credits).

  • 3 credits of Diversity (D)
  • 3 credits of International (N)

Writing and Math

The University of Florida requires all students to complete a writing and math requirement.

College Requirements

Each college may require students to take additional general education-type courses, electives, outside field courses, or foreign language courses. These additional requirements vary by college.

Major Requirements

Major course work includes a minimum of 30 credits as specified by the department.