Minorities in American Society

Course:SYD 3700
Minorities in American Society
GenEd:Diversity (D)
Social and Behavioral (S)

Claudia Youakim
Sociology and Criminology & Law
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

This course is a collaborative, student-led effort to understand majority-minority relations as they pattern the experiences, identities, and opportunities of all individuals in U.S. society.

While we aim to highlight the role of disparate group experience in creating and perpetuating inequalities, we treat social groupings, including those based on race, ethnicity, nativity, and religion, as deserving of study in their own right. Throughout the semester, we will often turn toward media and toward our own lived experience to supplement our exploration.

Studying sociology should be a liberating experience: The field enlarges our sympathies and imagination, opens up new perspectives on the sources of our own behavior, and creates an awareness of cultural settings different from our own. Insofar as sociological ideas challenge dogma, teach appreciation of cultural variety and allow us insight into the working of social institutions, the practice of sociology enhances the possibilities of human freedom.

Duneier et al. The Essentials of Sociology.

Through participation in this course, students will:

  • Use the course website and tools in order to communicate with and deliver material to the professor and classmates.
  • Remember and understand historical social processes that shape contemporary majority-minority relations
  • Identify and reflect on historical social processes impact challenges/or and opportunity, over time
  • Understand the contemporary meanings of race and ethnicity in the U.S.
  • Understand and compare theoretical perspectives on majority-minority relations
  • Identify and critique racial-ethnic ideology found in everyday speech and interaction, entertainment, and social media
  • Build healthy relationships with classmates, better articulate and interpret their experiences, and become empowered agents of personal and social change

Check out the introduction to the first module of the course

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Current students

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