The Languages of Computer Science

Computer programming languages have been an important part of computer science and every major technological development in recent times. They are used to create form and function to just about everything we use, including smartphones, electronics and websites. As programmers become more skilled and adept at writing programs, the quality and intelligence of the technological… Read more » Read more

Millennials & Effective Business Communication

In the US, Millennials are poised to become one of the most influential demographics in the labor market in the coming years. It’s estimated that they will constitute 33% of the civilian workforce by 2022 and employers must implement communication channels that make it easy to interact and converse with employees who grew up during… Read more » Read more

Digital Media Creative Process

The Changing Rules to the
The Internet has revolutionized the way creatives, inventors, publishers, and web users access and interact with digital content. Fair use is a complex subject, so a knowledgeable person (librarian, lawyer etc.) should be consulted. To learn more about Fair Use and the changing digital landscape, checkout the infographic below. Content Usage Standards The three main… Read more » Read more

The Science of Memory & Aging

Both body and mind tend to regress with age. The rate will differ from one person to another based on genetics, lifestyle, and other pertinent factors. Most people are able to carry on with life independently while others require care because of mental decline. To gain an understanding of memory loss, why it occurs and… Read more » Read more

How to Spot a Sinkhole

A sinkhole is a ground-surface depression that forms when water dissolves rock near or at the earth’s surface. When the subterranean void weakens support of the overlying earth, it can result in a monstrosity that can literally swallow up a whole house. A less noticeable, much smaller sinkhole can also do its fair share of… Read more » Read more

The True ROI of a Bachelor’s Degree

Is it still worthwhile to go to college? Many question the choice in today’s economy, especially with soaring tuition rates and a lower guarantee of employment than ever. As with any financial choice, it is important to discuss the return on investment (ROI) of going to college. Aside from the issue of money, it is… Read more » Read more

A Guide to Healthy Aging for Women

Strategies for the Prevention of Diseases & Illnesses
Aging women and men differ in the diseases they face and their exercise and health needs. For women around the world the leading cause of death is heart disease, followed by breast cancer. Most medical conditions and ailments that women face can be controlled and sometimes treated, so there is a possibility of reducing the… Read more » Read more

How Sport Stadiums are Optimizing the Fan Experience

Have you ever attended a sporting event and paid attention to the amount of time, money, and thought was put into the stadium’s construction and environment to ensure that you enjoy your experience? In the sports world of today stadiums are often designed primarily with the fan experience in mind, providing attendees with everything they… Read more » Read more

Heart Disease 101: The Basics

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and will continue to be well into the future. Awareness is vital to combat this disease and an understanding of heart disease, including types, diagnosis, risk factors, treatment and prevention, begins with gaining a clear understanding of the anatomy of the heart. The… Read more » Read more

Social Media & Sports Journalism

Social media has taken the world by storm. It has impacted the way we receive and share all kinds of news; from the weather, celebrity gossip, and politics, to who got engaged, who is having a baby and who just got divorced. Sports news is no stranger to social media either, as social media has… Read more » Read more